Chili from the islands mon!

This is the famous PJ's delicious, robust, low salt, mild chili that's ready for you to put the heat to it, if desired. This is a chili starter kit rich with a dark roasted chili powder & dark coffee to give it a thick, dark flavor. It has hints of allspice & ginger and the recipe calls for a good IPA or Porter beer, black beans and red beans for a colorful treat.

Package included 2.6 ounces of rich Gourmet Pirate Chili seasonings mix in a sealed cello bag inside a plastic lined brown bag sealed at top to keep everything fresh. The recipe makes enough for 6-8 people in a full gallon pot! And it's EASY to make - all you do is add ingredients such as ground beef, black beans, red beans, tomatoes and cook it up. The recipe is included on the back of the bag for your reference.

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