🔥 Pirate jonny's caribbean rubs, seasonings & sauces 🔥
🔥 Pirate jonny's caribbean rubs, seasonings & sauces 🔥

Caribbean Cuisine


Caribbean cuisine reflects the mixed origins of its recipes, from African influences to Portuguese, French, Spanish, Latin American, and in some cases, even Chinese and Jewish roots.

Many of the sweet flavors and fruity aromas associated with Caribbean cuisine are also influenced by the tropical setting of its islands. 

The spicy kick in many traditional Caribbean sauces, stews and curries comes from indigenous red peppers grown on many of its islands. The most well-known flavor in Caribbean food is the legendary Jerk seasoning, a delicious marinade or rub for meat and fish whose distinctive flavor comes from spices such as allspice and thyme.

Pirate Jonny's incorporates these traditional Caribbean spices and herbs (and more!) to make any meal easy and flavorful!


Pure thyme is an essential and versatile herb. Just a few sprinkles will fill the kitchen with a sweet aroma and robust flavor, the perfect addition to all types of recipes. For Caribbean food, use it as a seasoning on meat or in soups with rice for a rich, full flavor.


Cumin is a part of many spices blends across the Caribbean. Rich and earthy with a hint of citrus, cumin pairs wonderfully with beans and fatty meats.


Indigenous to the Caribbean and Central America, allspice is the dried, unripe fruit of Pimenta dioica, an evergreen tree. Caribbean cuisine features allspice in many dishes, including meat and sweet potato stews. Sweet and spicy, this Caribbean native is a key player in Jamaican jerk seasoning. It combines the warm flavors of cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Red Pepper

From spicy beef patties to jerk chicken, red pepper spices up food all over the islands of the Caribbean.


Cinnamon is not only a part of Caribbean desserts, it's also a typical ingredient in jerk seasonings and marinades.


Nutmeg is used in rum based cocktails as well as savory sauces across the Caribbean.


Caribbean kitchens are no strangers to the gentle fire and spice of ginger. You’ll find it in everything from drinks made with ginger beer to meat and sweet potato stews. Its pungent aroma is one of the reasons Jamaican jerk seasoning smells so enticing on and off the grill.


This member of the ginger family is a common ingredient in spice blends from the Caribbean.